• Curriculum

    Across our curriculum, we are committed to applying best practices and implementing the most effective programs for the education of our students. Our curriculum includes a strong emphasis on religion, language arts, math, science, social studies, foreign language as well as fine arts and technology.

    Fine Arts


    Faith Hope students learn the theory of music as well as the joy of raising their voices in song in both the classroom and at Mass. Faith Hope’s Children’s Choir leads us at our weekly school masses on Wednesdays and at special Sunday Masses throughout the year.

    In December, parents are invited to the annual Christmas Concert. The children practice for many weeks and perform a lovely concert of both traditional and contemporary Christmas music.

    In February, the music department hosts a Musical Showcase which provides a friendly and casual opportunity for the students to come and share their musical talents.



    Fine Art recognizes and fosters the talents of our students. It engages them spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically and contributes to the complete development of every child.

    The Art program at FHC offers weekly classes from grades Kindergarten through 8th in a variety of mediums and instructional techniques in the Visual Arts. Drawing, painting, digital art, sculpture, collage are explored as it is experienced in culture, history and our faith. Learning to draw and think creatively helps each of these students to prepare for their future.

    In January, the student artwork is honored and exhibited in the Winter Art Exhibit. The artwork is on display for all to see and a reception is held for the talented artists.

    In May, the Spring Art Exhibit and reception showcase the body of work the students have created for the second semester.


    The Technology at Saints Faith, Hope & Charity is in line with teaching students 21st century skills and giving teachers and students access to all of the latest and greatest technologies to integrate within their classroom.

    Saints Faith, Hope & Charity is equipped with sixty iPads, over 100 desktops and laptops including PCs and Macs.  Classrooms are also equipped with projectors and Interactive Whiteboards making learning more engaging and dynamic.

    Currently we have a newly designed lab with 25 desktop computers that are current with Windows 7 Professional, Microsoft Office Professional 2010 including Word, Powerpoint and Excel.  The computer lab also has an Interactive Whiteboard.  In Tech Class, students are introduced to movie making, programming, Internet Safety, Google Docs, creating websites and blogs, publishing their writings, Google Sketchup, Keyboarding and various Web 2.0 applications.  The various programs will be used to integrate technology that will align with the academic core curriculum.  Students create and maintain their own individual digital portfolios to monitor and reflect on their progress and learning.

    Students are taught to use technology to collaborate with their peers and teachers. They will use technology to enhance their critical thinking skills and they are taught to use technology as a communication tool.  Students will also have opportunities to use their creativity to build multimedia projects using the most current technology.  Students will graduate from Saints Faith, Hope & Charity with a fantastic working knowledge of how to use technology to improve their learning experience.  Upon entering high school, students will be skilled in using Google Docs and will have far surpassed the necessary computer skills for the rigorous challenges of technology at the high school level.

    More info at: https://sites.google.com/a/faithhopeschool.org/fhctechnology/home