• Student Life

    As a Catholic school, we place the highest value on our faith and the way it touches every aspect of our lives. Prayer and religious formation are central to the daily experience at Faith Hope. Students are taught to actively live their faith and to recognize the role it continually plays in helping them grow as caring, moral individuals. At Faith Hope, our Catholic beliefs are woven throughout all facets of academic and social life. Our goal is to develop within each of our children a moral conscience – a soul – that will help guide them in today’s world.
    • Daily prayers and special intentions frame the students’ day.
    • In religion classes, students learn the tenets and social teachings of the Catholic Church.
    • Discussions of God and faith can pervade class discussions, projects and events.
    • Each week, students from a particular grade prepare and lead an all school Mass.
    • Faith partners, the backbone of student relationships, unite younger & older students at Mass & other school activities.
    • Students are fully prepared for the sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.
    • Students participate in Catholic traditions such as Rosary, Stations of the Cross, Adoration and May Crowning.
    • While our curriculum emphasizes the Catholic faith, students are also taught to understand and respect people of every religious background. All are welcome.


    • All students plan and attend a weekly School Mass.
    • All classes participate in a retreat.
    • Students in Grades 5-8 may participate in the liturgy as altar servers.
    • A routine of morning prayer and again before dismissal is followed. Blessings are said before meals.
    • All grades (SK-8) have age appropriate service projects throughout the school year.
    • Upper Grade students prepare meals for an area soup kitchen throughout the year.
    • Confirmation Service Program is a two-year commitment to serving others in need.

    • Reconciliation/First Communion- Grade 2
    • Confirmation- Grade 8
    PRAYER PARTNERS In order to foster a sense of family and commitment between the students, each year an older student is paired up with a younger student to serve as his or her mentor and prayer partner for the school year. This teaches the older children the responsibility of being a mentor while providing the younger children with role models. It helps to foster a feeling of the school as family. Prayer partners usually sit together during the school masses and share other special times during the year.