• Music

    The School of Saints Faith Hope and Charity values music and encourages students of all ages to develop and show their appreciation of music. Under the direction of Dr. Cinnamon, Assistant Principal and Director of Fine Arts, music is offered to FHC students Prekindergarten-eighth grade. During music class, Dr. Cinnamon provides students with the musical opportunities to learn instruments, perform and sing. Grade-level opportunities include the following:

    • Third grade: Recorder
    • Fourth and Fifth grade: Handbells
    • Sixth and seventh grade: Ukulele
    • Eighth grade: Drama culminating in eighth grade play

    In addition to vocal music, FHC students have the opportunity for instrumental instruction.

    Violin: Students (PK-third grade) may study the violin with Ms. Teresa Dube. A Winnetka resident, Ms. Dube offers many years of teaching and performing experiences. 

    Band: Students (4th-8th grade) may participate in our instrumental band program, led by Mr. Jon Comstock. Band lessons take place before school on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 7:30 am – 8:15 am by instrument family. The schedule is as follows:

    Tuesday:  Woodwinds (flute, sax, clarinet)

    Thursday: Brass (trumpet, trombone, baritone, french horn)

     Friday Percussion (snare drum and xylophone)

    Early dismissal on Mondays allow for full band practice. Two Mondays a month, FHC’s band combine with Sacred Heart’s band, alternating schools. 

    Piano/Guitar: Students of all ages are eligible to study piano with Mr. Dan Rosa. “Teacher Dan”, as he is known to many families, teaches private and group piano lessons before or after school or during lunch periods. Additionally, he offers small group guitar lessons as part of our After School Enrichment (ASE) classes. Teacher Dan has a wealth of musical teaching and performance experiences.

    Choir: All students are invited.  Choir meets twice a week in the morning in the music room. Choir is directed by Dr. Cinnamon and Dr. Stirling. All are welcome to join the ensemble.