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Middle School, 6th Grade-8th Grade

The Middle School Education Program at the School of Saints Faith, Hope and Charity provides our sixth through eighth grade students with a full academic program which prepares them for success in high school.

The sixth through eighth grade students enroll in a three year mathematics program that meets each student at his or her mathematical ability and prepares them for the rigors of secondary mathematics. The majority of our students earn their way to advanced levels at our local high schools. Our language arts program prepares students to write to communicate creative ideas, critical analysis and exposition. Service opportunities are expanded to our middle school students with opportunities to apply for the Misericordia Art Collaboration Program, to team with Children of Peace School students to provide goods for the homeless in the Little Village neighborhood. Athletic programs are expanded to include interscholastic competitive teams in volleyball, football, cheerleading, basketball, cross country, and track. In addition our 8thgrade students receive opportunities in performing arts to expand their educational experiences.

Our Curriculum at every stage of learning addresses essential questions. FHC combines the most innovative and progressive teaching methods with the best of a traditional Catholic education. As a result, students evolve into lifelong learners competent in all areas of our core curriculum.