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House Structure

Identified as a benefit of attending the School of Saints Faith, Hope and Charity by both parents and children is that all students are taught under one roof. This unique infrastructure allows students in grades 3rd-8th the opportunity to participate in House several times a week. Each House consists of a group of students from grades 3rd-8th with a teacher facilitating the activities of the House. Each house has an agreed upon name, which is that of a Saint. Examples of House names include Saint Michael, Saint Wolfgang, Saint Pantaleon, Saint Patrick and Saint Kateri.

Houses come together to compete in academic challenges, service projects and athletic tournaments as a team. Studies have shown that this type of multi-grade grouping is instrumental in building confidence and self-esteem as well as bonding among the student body. At FHC, we are proud to have activities and a built-in multi-grade infrastructure so as to bring our students together under one roof—forging lifelong friendships and a sense of community.