Fine Arts » Theater


Students at FHC have several opportunities to participate in drama and theater both during the school day as part of the school curriculum and after school in different enrichment opportunities.

Skyline Studios has its after school programming available to FHC students two times each year. In the fall and winter terms, we run two casts of each production. A Juniors (Pre-Kindergarten-2nd grade) and Stars (2nd-6th grade) cast.

In addition to our collaboration with Skyline Studios, we foster a love and appreciation for theater within the following grades:
  • Fifth graders write their own play in music class and perform it for our youngest Bulldogs. Theater games and improv instruction are part of the fifth grade curriculum in music class.
  • Seventh grade students participate in the beautiful dramatic telling of the birth of Christ each year at our Christmas Pageant. They begin rehearsing for this in music class a month prior to the performance
  • Eighth graders spend their music classes learning and rehearsing for the annual eighth-grade play which they finance through their own fundraising. It is viewed as their gift to the school and is one of the culminating events of the eighth grade year and of student life as an FHC Bulldog. Rehearsals begin in January and continue in music class and after school up until the May performances.