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The Anchors with Heart Fund has a rich history in our school community. Its purpose is to provide critical funds for school operations and improvements. Funds raised are directed to three primary priorities:

1. Closing the gap between what it costs to educate our school children and the amount tuition covers
2. Fund capital and curricular improvements as identified by school leadership
3. Make tuition assistance available to those in need

Please click here to make a contribution today. The investment that you make in Faith Hope will ensure our continued success now and in the years to come.


In addition to donating to the Anchors with Heart Fund, please consider supporting the School of Saints Faith, Hope and Charity by way of Amazon Smile, Benefit Mobile app as well as shopping at the Grand Food Center, where 3 % of each purchase is donated back to the school when receipt is submitted to the school office! To learn how to set up your Benefit Mobile app account, please click here!

Thank you for your support!