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Moms and Tots

Moms and Tots is a wonderful program for children ages 12 months and walking to three years of ages. This program encourages exploration of the classroom and socialization in a small setting. The program is currently offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:20-11:20 a.m within the Early Childhood Center of the School of Saints Faith, Hope and Charity.

The Moms and Tots program is the perfect introduction for children and their parents to the School of Saints Faith, Hope and Charity as well as for parents seeking to have all of their children under one roof at the same school. In addition to exploration and socialization, snacks are also provided in this friendly and creative space.

This program serves as the perfect segue to our Pre-Kindergarten program which consists of options for three year olds, three and four year olds and four year olds. Half-day and full-day options are available for the three/four year and four year old Pre-Kindergarten. FHC is pleased to offer a full-day Kindergarten program.