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The School of Saints Faith Hope and Charity values music and encourages students of all ages to develop and grow their appreciation of music. Under the direction of Christian Stirling our music teacher, vocal/general music is offered to FHC students Pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. During music classes, Mr. Stirling provides students with opportunities to learn instruments, perform and sing. Grade-level instrumental opportunities include the following offerings within the general music curriculum:
  • Third grade: Recorder instruction, note reading, composition and vocal music
  • Fourth grade: Ukulele instruction, reading and analyzing simple chords and vocal music
  • Fifth grade: Handbell/chimette instruction, vocal music and drama, and drumming
  • Sixth grade: Ukulele instruction, building on knowledge of chords and accompanying singing
  • Seventh grade: Bucket drumming, drumming circles, leading annual Christmas Pageant, vocal music
  • Eighth grade: Drama study culminating in performance of annual Eighth Grade Play
In addition to vocal/general music instruction, FHC students have the opportunity for instrumental instruction outside of the general music classroom.