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Altar Serving

Beginning in fifth grade, students at the School of Saints Faith, Hope and Charity, have the opportunity to altar serve at School Masses and Parish Masses which includes weddings and funerals. Interested students complete an altar server training and based upon the student’s availability and the number of altar servers, servers typically serve 1-2 masses per month. Alter servers also receive special invitations to serve during the Holidays.

Pope Francis recently said to a group of International altar servers, “The closer you are to the altar, the more you will remember to speak with Jesus in daily prayer; the more you will be nourished by the word and the body of the Lord, the better able you will be to go out to others, bringing them the gift that you have received, giving in turn with enthusiasm the joy you have received.”

At FHC, we believe that being an altar server brings students closer to God, fosters a better understanding of Mass and is an important role to play in our Catholic faith.