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Philosophy & Goals

The School of Saints Faith, Hope & Charity administration and faculty, in cooperation with parents, teach the basic truths, traditions, morals, and values of our Roman Catholic faith while modeling a Christian attitude.

We acknowledge the different learning styles of each student by providing opportunities for observation, exploration, problem solving, cooperation, and application. Our support staff fosters an inclusive approach, and includes a school nurse, a social worker, resources teachers, a gifted and talented teacher, and speech language pathologists.

We foster the development of each child spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially, and physically by building confidence, encouraging self-reliance, responsibility and the desire to learn.

We recognize parents as the primary educators and strive to work as a community with the parish, students, parents and faculty.

We integrate all learning by emphasizing the fundamentals of education to include experiences in the humanities and technology.

We strive to provide students with the skills necessary to meet our global society.

Underlying all the efforts to attain the following goals is the belief that each student realizes his/her God-given potential to its fullest.

• To develop our students’ understanding of and loyalty to the teaching and heritage of the Roman Catholic faith, to help them acquire Catholic moral and spiritual values, and to provide them with opportunities for prayer and worship.
• To foster our students’ understanding of knowledge and culture, encourage the powers to reason independently, solve problems, be creative, and to accept responsibility for self-evaluation and continued self-instruction.

• To help our students gain a sense of responsibility for their home, school, community and country.