Intermediate School » Intermediate School, 4th Grade-5th Grade

Intermediate School, 4th Grade-5th Grade

The Intermediate Education Program at the School of Saints Faith, Hope and Charity provides our fourth and fifth grade students continue with a full academic program which builds foundations in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies and religion.

Fourth and fifth grade students are introduced to subject specific teachers. The reading and writing curriculum becomes more formalized. Mathematics instruction challenges all students to determine individual ability. A gifted and talented program continues to serve these students. In the fifth grade, student choose a world language (Spanish or French) to continue through eighth grade. After school enrichment opportunities expand for intermediate level students with Academic Workouts, and technology courses. Interscholastic team sports become available to these students.

Our Curriculum at every stage of learning addresses essential questions. FHC combines the most innovative and progressive teaching methods with the best of a traditional Catholic education. As a result, students evolve into lifelong learners competent in all areas of our core curriculum.