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Student Support

The School of Saints Faith, Hope and Charity recognizes that some students need a little more support than others. In the mission to address the needs of students in heart, mind and soul, the student support team offers assistance to diverse learners from those who excel beyond their grade level to those needing additional support. The team, consisting of educators, social worker, speech/language pathologists and nurse, work collaboratively with classroom teachers, parents and educational specialists to provide an all-inclusive education through a variety of opportunities to ensure the academic, social and spiritual needs of our students.

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab, which has served as a model for other schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago, provides support to students who have been professionally identified with learning disabilities. An educational team of teachers, parents, and evaluation staff work together to develop and implement an appropriate educational plan. Some programs used by students in the Learning Lab include Read Naturally, Slant and Explore the Code, Fast Forward, and CARS and STARS. The Learning Lab offers support across all grade levels to promote and provide assistance in implementing a differentiated curriculum. The Learning Lab staff is available to teachers in the classroom setting during instruction by supporting classroom instruction and working in small groups. The staff offers alternative study techniques and tools, as well as modified assessment and evaluation methods. In addition, the staff works to reinforce and improve study skills appropriate to the classroom curriculum and is responsible for spearheading the implementation of the school-wide Response to Intervention (RTI) program.

Additional Support

The School of Saints Faith, Hope and Charity is pleased to have a full-time school counselor responsible for working across all grade levels (Pre-Kindergarten-8th grade) addressing the social and emotional needs of students. The school counselor collaborates with teachers and learning coaches, meets with students individually and in groups, meets with parents, and the administrative team to promote positive mental health of all students.

In addition to our full-time counselor, FHC has two speech/language pathologists to assist with a variety of disorders including articulation, language delay, central auditory processing disorder, language pragmatics, voice and fluency. Students can be seen individually, in small groups or in the classroom depending upon individual needs. Classroom teachers and parents can receive assistance in facilitating speech/language goals in various speaking environments.

Academic Workouts

After school, several days a week, FHC staff are on hand to provide support to students with tutoring, homework help and executive functioning assistance. Students in grades 4th-8th have the opportunity to attend 1-3 days per week from 3:15-4:15. In addition to this help, individual tutors are available through the school and teachers make themselves available to students upon request.