Early Education » Pre-Kindergarten


Pre-Kindergarten Essential Questions

Language Arts
  • How do we develop pre-literacy skills in early childhood?
    • Demonstrates how pictures and symbols have meaning.
    • Identify letters including those found in their own name
    • Demonstrate letter-sound relationship
    • Retell information from a story.
    • Use pictures and context to predict what will happen next
    • Use scribbles, approximations of letters, or known letters to represent written language
    • Relate prior knowledge to new information
  • How do we develop basic mathematical concepts in early childhood?
    • Recognize and name basic shapes
    • Count with understanding
    • Sort and classify objects
    • Participate in activities that involve addition and subtraction
    • Demonstrate a beginning understanding of measurement
    • Recognize, duplicate and extend simple patterns
  • What are the fundamental concepts of science?
    • Ask engaging questions about the environment
    • Encourage problem solving
    • Use simple tools for measurement
    • Ability to group objects
    • Identify shapes and patterns that are found in nature and man-made environments
    • Discuss differences between living and non-living things
    • To make comparisons between materials
    • Demonstrate basic safety practices
Social Studies
  • How do children interpret and make sense of the world around them?
    • Describe rules that help children treat each other fairly and help each other, such as sharing and taking turns
    • Describe family and community traditions
    • Discuss how people live together in a community
    • Talk about people who help others in our community
    • Identify types of weather, such as sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy, and windy
    • Describe the four seasons.
  • Who is God?
  • Show basic understanding that God made me, loves me and is always with me
  • Understand that God created the world, and that He cares for his creation
  • Show basic understanding that God’s son, Jesus, loved us and died for us
  • Identify the Bible as a special book that tells us about God and Jesus
  • Show understanding that God is our Father and we are all His children
  • Identify Mary as the Mother of Jesus
  • Identify the Church as God’s home
  • How is melody created?
  • How does music communicate?
  • How is sound organized to make music?
  • What is steady beat?
  • Why does each voice and instrument have its own timbre?
  • What are the benefits of a parachute?
  • Why do we play tag games?
  • How do you kick a stationary and rolling ball?
  • How do we play a relay race?
  • How do we play safely?
  • How can you make your body move?
  • How do you shoot a basket?
  • How do you pass a basketball?
  • What is gymnastics?
  • How do we play soccer safely?
World Language (Spanish)
  • Where is Spanish spoken in the world?
  • How can I improve my listening skills?
  • How can my body language complement what I am saying?
  • What can I do to sound more like a native speaker?
  • How can singing Spanish songs strengthen my use of Spanish vocabulary?