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Primary School, 1st Grade-3rd Grade

The Primary Education Program at the School of Saints Faith, Hope and Charity provides our first through third grade students with a full academic program which sets the foundations in religion, reading, reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies.

The reading program incorporates a wide range of instructional methods including phonics and whole language strategies. The mathematics programs emphasizes both computational skills to increase a student’s fluency with numbers as well as problem solving and inquiry based experiences. Students receive opportunities to enjoy our French language instruction. Students receive a variety of academic supports to ensure all students are successful. These supports include a fully staffed learning lab and a gifted and talented program. A performing arts program provides an opportunity to learn to play the violin as well as sing in a choir. A wide range of after school enrichment programs include STEM courses, roles in musical performances, dance, visual art and chess courses.

Our Curriculum at every stage of learning addresses essential questions. FHC combines the most innovative and progressive teaching methods with the best of a traditional Catholic education. As a result, students evolve into lifelong learners competent in all areas of our core curriculum.